Australia 2019

Get Ready for the New Face and Phase of Australian Immigration effective 16 November 2019. The changes will hugely impact the existing and prospective applicants. The wait for invitation for many will end but the choice of VISA subclass for others will limit. It’s going to be a highly competitive scenario. Many will shift preference from Canada to Australia as they will have greater chance in this new setup of Australian Immigration Regulations. Migration Amendments to be effective from 16th November 2019 yet again proves that Australia knows how to identify the areas of improvement and address them in most planned and efficient way.

It’s time to either finish what you started or to start what you haven’t started. Major highlights of amendments are: –

  • More emphasis on Skilled Regional sub-classes by giving more points for applying under this category but the not so positive for applicants is the increased stay and work conditions to ensure desired result of this is achieved. Nevertheless, it’s a good buy.
  • Extra points for Single Applicants.
  • Additional Points for Applicants with Skilled Partner.
  • Extra points for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications.

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