Australia Immigration – Changing Dimensions of Skills Assessment Authorities which are affecting your dream of migrating to Australia.

Skills assessment is the most critical stage for migration to Australia. Your skills assessment contribute for your points related to employment. Documents prepared at this first stage goes long way till the end of your application processing. So, how have the dimensions changed for various skills assessment authorities which are directly affecting your chances each passing day? What has changed in last few years will give the aspirants a deeper picture on how it is going to be in future.

It’s true, the hardest part of Skills Assessment is Collection of Documents to prove your employment under one chosen occupation for several years.

A few years ago, most of the authorities were only concerned about the reference letters from the employers to consider your employment relevant to the occupation. Applicants were getting full employment points which took them to the final destination. Authorities tried to make the process a little more stringent and started asking for additional employment proofs like salary proofs for every year. Later, some of them made it even  more filtered by adding requirements of third party documents issued by government. A few of them are also asking for two salary proofs for each year of your employment for the assessment. If you are not able to meet their requirements then you lose the points for your employment. This is the growing stringency of authorities which is making a few applicants lose the opportunity just because they waited for too long to make a right decision or because they are too late for the information of process.

Whether someone tells you or not, always mind that Australia has always been innovative, difficult and ever growing with respect to the requirements for migration. So, if you really have will to apply for Australia migration, do it today. You do not know if you will qualify after one month or one year or not at all. No one Knows!

The rules are getting stern every year. People who had good chance one year ago are lost in the competition facing difficulties to get the VISA invitation. This is only because they did not get the hold of opportune time.

Lastly, how difficult is it to get an Australian permanent residency? It’s not difficult if done in a right way for the qualified aspirants. It depends largely on your occupation, education, English language and age but we have seen it all changing with time. With better transparency in immigration process, government is receiving huge number of applicants. They have choice to make based on applicant’s points and occupation. So, check your chances and eligibility now, For Free and take Action without delay. You can secure future only if you take the right steps in present.

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