Hear it from Us because No one else will Tell – Immigration to Australia/Canada

It’s crucial to understand important facts that probably no one talks about. People ask variety of questions and they have many stories to back their knowledge of immigration which are sometimes true, and most of the times vague. We would like to share some facts that should be noted before starting your immigration file, and throughout.

Meeting minimum points requirement for Australia immigration does not guarantee VISA. Australia issues Visa invitations to high ranking candidates based on occupation requirements. Example – Mr. Construction Manager is making 65 points which is minimum points required for qualifying and got the visa invitation within one-two months. But, Mr. Accountant has 70 points and he is waiting for visa invitation from last one year. So, what you have to ensure before you start? Are you aware of your occupation’s cutoff score? If not, then ask for it from your consultant before even starting the process. Note – Not all occupations will have cutoff, but it’s always worth giving a try.

Qualifying for Canadian Immigration is not enough for receiving VISA invitation. The qualifying criteria of Canada is flawed unlike Australia. Most of the skilled professions will qualify easily and this gives mercenaries an easy way to loot. So, here your knowledge and research can save you from losing hard earned money. Canada issues visa invitations to high ranking candidates based on overall skills. All Canadian provinces are not active for overseas applicants, so do not consider them if you are not meeting the criteria of a few active provinces. Example- Ms. X with ranking of 450 got Visa invitation within one month but Ms. Y with ranking of 390 is waiting for last one year or more to get the Visa invitation. Since Ms. Y’s occupation is not in demand list of any active province and she doesn’t even know French, so no province invited her. What to do? Be aware of your ranking and never only go by qualifying criteria. This will ensure your other plans are not hindered due to hope of getting through soon. Note – If criteria for provinces/VISA invitations change in future then it will benefit people who are waiting already. But, if there will be such positive changes in future or not, it is not known to anyone.

Be mindful of the money you invest in immigration process as it may not always result in the desired outcome. No one can guarantee you VISA approval. This is always at the discretion of government VISA officers. If your chances are bright then you have 95% chances. If you are only qualifying and not a good ranking candidate as per the patterns then you have only 20% chances. So, be mindful when you invest money. It’s your duty to be aware of the complete process and chances before you put your money in it. But, giving a try is worth it because you won’t clearly know your chances if you do not apply. Government informs none when they plan to pass the rules to curb or boost the immigration. However, you will be at the receiving end.

You do not need lawyer or representative for your immigration file. It’s not a less known fact but reiterating it would remind us all that world is no more the same. We have all the internet facilities to do anything which we are not even trained for. You can do it on your own if you have the time, and the knowledge of all steps and the requirements. Many people have successfully completed their own visa applications without third party’s expensive help. But, the risk you take depends on how vital is the result for you. If it’s a matter of real importance, you will take less risk and go for paid assistance. However, it requires extensive research work and expertise in the matter. There is always a catch to the documentation. If you are not sure then go for the assistance, and choose the one with whom you are at most ease as it’s a lengthy process.

What can a Lawyer/Consultant/Representative do? If you are not meeting the required criteria and your chances are less due to any reason then no one can do anything. There is no way any lawyer/consultant/agent can influence the government or change chances and qualifying criterion. So, if someone is saying otherwise, think thrice before you believe.

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