How to Migrate to Canada?

Are you wondering how to apply for Canada Immigration?

Yes, you can apply for immigration to Canada on your own as well. Getting Canada PR is a lengthy and complex process. But, if you have gathered enough knowledge and you have time to invest in the processing then you are ready to process your application by yourself. Yes, you do not need any consultant or lawyer to process your application. You do not need to shell out thousands of bucks for third party services.

Your case will be treated as fairly as a case represented by any Lawyer or Consultant. However, you need to ensure the complete preparation of your case with required documentation. It can become a little painful for you to apply on your own if you are completely relying on the information gathered from various resources. Online free services may be deceptive and may lack the actual understanding.

Without the service charge, no lawyer or consultant will provide you the information as its the intellectual property. It may seem a very small piece of information to you but you would not have access to it for free. It is advisable to depend on official website of government in case you are applying on your own. If you are not sure, its highly recommended to take the professional assistance for your permanent Visa application from beginning. It will give you peace of mind and you will remain hassle free.

Canada immigration application is only four step process as given below:-

Step 1 – Identify if you are qualified to apply for Permanent Residency by meeting the basic requirements.
Step 2 – Get your Educational credentials assessed from one of the designated authorities.
Step 3 – Get your online profile submitted for immigration along with the expression of interests for various provinces
Step 4 – Submit your VISA application on receipt of VISA invitation

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