The Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Qatar

Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Qatar

Dream Harbour Global provides transparent Australia Immigration consultation so that you know your chances of success before you decide to start the process. Because of our transparent approach and outstanding services, we have been rated as the best Australia immigration consultants in Qatar. We are Qatar’s most knowledgeable Australia Immigration Consultant. Occupation based and points-based system of Australian Immigration is the most just and logical program. It doesn’t base VISA invitations only on points like New Zealand. It doesn’t even base your VISA success on a high score like most cases in Canada immigration. They give priority to your occupation first and then to your points. You have VISA subclasses to choose which makes it easier for people to qualify and get through.

When to look for an Immigration Consultant?

Do you know the process for Australia immigration is easy but lengthy and vague? You feel that there is no time to invest in understanding all stages. We understand that and we are here to help you. You know you can migrate to Australia but have no clue how to start? You have to talk to us! It is upon us to determine your eligibility for free and collect and prepare your documents!

It will be our responsibility to process and complete your application. We provide step-by-step case processing to avoid the financial burden on you. We ensure your positive results on all applications at all stages. Otherwise, we return your money. Expertise on work at a reasonable price is all you need for a successful immigration application!

What do you need for Australia Immigration?

Below are some factors influencing and determining the eligibility and points for Australian permanent residency.

1. Occupation

Your occupation should be on the list of eligible occupations for Australia Immigration. There are three lists and your occupation should be at least in any one of these three lists. IT, Accounts, Engineering, consultancy, etc. are some of the in-demand fields. You can check your occupation’s demand by clicking here.

2. Age

You should be less than 45 years of age to receive the VISA invitation. Ideally, if you are 44 then you should apply at the earliest to complete the process before you turn 45. Less age gives more points.

3. Education

Should have at least a Diploma or Degree which is highly relevant to your occupation in general. But, less or not relevant qualifications are also acceptable for a few occupations. Trade occupations, in general, do not require a degree or diploma depending upon their occupation.

4. Employment

You get points for the number of years of your experience assessed by the relevant authority. But, the experience should fall under only one occupation in the last 10 years. 8 years and above experience give you maximum points. 3 to 5 years gives you the minimum points.

5. Field of Study

STEMS Qualifications – Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics qualifications are given an upper hand. That is so because these occupations are highly in demand.

6. Marital Status

If single, you get additional points. If married, you will get extra points for your spouse’s skills assessment. You may also claim points for your spouse’s English language.

7. English Language Test

The minimum qualifying score is competent (6 bands in each of IELTS). However, it mostly depends on your overall score from other factors. If your score is high then 6 bands are also probably enough. However, in order to increase your chances and cover up on other factors, you may have to achieve 7 bands or 8 bands in each of IELTS. There are multiple alternate tests accepted by the Australian government in place of IELTS. So, it’s advisable to take the easiest test.

8. VISA Sub classes

Applying under various states or regions gives additional points. So, the government endeavors to encourage immigrants to live in particular regions/states.

What Value Dream Harbour Global add to your Australia Immigration Application?

Dream Harbour Global is an Australian immigration consultant in Doha, Qatar. It is offering nothing but the best services to clients. We are leading migration agents because our focus is only on your success. Our prestigious clients chose to rank us the best in Doha, Qatar because of our personalized services and great relationship building.

We not only offer the best services but also ensure the right guidance for choosing the country or program which suits you the best. We may sometimes break your heart with our honest consultation and advice but it will bring joy and results in the future for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly Personalized Services at the most standard price.
  • Best Customer Service in the Industry.
  • Quality Work Ensured.
  • Keep Updated to ensure the quick actions on cases.
  • Empathetic and warm approach towards customers.
  • Highly Experienced dedicated file managers for smooth processing and communications.
  • Assured results and monetary security refund policy.
  • Because, we believe that it’s not a business; it’s a mission.
  • Best Australia immigration consultants in Qatar

Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency

  • Free Education till High School
  • Subsidized post graduate studies
  • Allowance for Unemployment
  • Allowance for Childcare
  • Quality Life
  • Value for Skills
  • Pathway to Australian Citizenship
  • Covers your Family
  • Old age pension Scheme

Want to know your Eligibility?

Fill in the below details and we will assess your profile for Australia Immigration eligibility:

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