The Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Qatar

Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Qatar

At Dream Harbour Global, we offer transparent Australia immigration consultation to help you assess your chances of success before starting the process. Our outstanding services and transparent approach have earned us the reputation of being the best Australia immigration consultants in Qatar. With a wealth of knowledge on Australia immigration, we are well-equipped to guide you through the occupation-based and points-based system. Unlike the points-based system in New Zealand or Canada, the Australian program prioritizes your occupation over your points. This means that you have more options for qualifying and obtaining a visa. Choose from a range of visa subclasses and let us help you achieve your Australian immigration goals.

When to Look for an Immigration Consultant?

Are you looking to immigrate to Australia but find the process lengthy and confusing? Let us help you out! At Dream Harbour Global, we offer transparent and hassle-free Australia immigration consultation services. Our team of experts will determine your eligibility for free and assist you in collecting and preparing your documents. We provide step-by-step case processing to ensure a smooth and stress-free application process.

Our goal is to provide you with positive results at all stages. With years of experience and reasonable pricing, Dream Harbour Global is the right choice for a successful immigration application.

What do you need for Australia Immigration?

Are you wondering about the factors that determine your eligibility and points for Australian permanent residency? Dream Harbour Global, the best Australia immigration consultant in Qatar, can help you. Here are some essential factors that influence your eligibility:

1. Occupation

Your occupation should be on the list of eligible occupations for Australia Immigration. In-demand fields such as IT, Accounts, Engineering, consultancy, etc., have more opportunities. Check your occupation’s demand by clicking here. here.

2. Age

You should be under 45 years of age to receive a VISA invitation, and applying earlier is better to complete the process before you turn 45. A lower age gives you more points.

3. Education

You should have at least a Diploma or Degree relevant to your occupation, while some trade occupations do not require any degree or diploma. Less or not relevant qualifications are also acceptable for some occupations.

4. Employment

You earn points for the number of years of experience assessed by the relevant authority, and the experience should fall under only one occupation in the last ten years. Eight years or more experience gives you the maximum points, while three to five years gives you the minimum points.

5. Field of Study

STEMS Qualifications (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are highly in demand, and hence, these occupations have an upper hand.

6. Marital Status

If you are single, you receive additional points, while married applicants can claim extra points for their spouse’s skills assessment and English language proficiency.

7. English Language Test

The minimum qualifying score is competent (6 bands in each of IELTS), but a higher score may improve your chances of approval. There are multiple alternate tests accepted by the Australian government in place of IELTS.

8. VISA Sub classes

Applying under various states or regions gives additional points, and the government encourages immigrants to live in particular regions/states.

What Value Dream Harbour Global add to your Australia Immigration Application?

Dream Harbour Global is a prominent Australian immigration consultancy in Doha, Qatar, dedicated to providing exceptional services to clients. Our unwavering commitment to your success has made us one of the top migration agents in the industry. Our valued clients have recognized our personalized services and strong client relationships, making us the preferred choice in Doha, Qatar.

We don’t just provide high-quality services, we also guide you in choosing the most suitable country or program for your needs. We provide honest consultations and advice, even if it means delivering disappointing news. Our approach ensures that you get the best possible outcome and sets you up for success in the future.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly Personalized Services at the most standard price.
  • We have both: Expertise and Experience.
  • Best Customer Service in the Industry.
  • Time and Cost Savings.
  • Results-Driven
  • Quality Work Ensured.
  • Keep Updated to ensure quick actions on cases.
  • Empathetic and warm approach toward customers.
  • Highly Experienced dedicated file managers for smooth processing and communications.
  • Assured results and monetary security refund policy.
  • Because, we believe that it’s not a business; it’s a mission.
  • Best Australia immigration consultants in Qatar

Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency

  • Free Education till High School
  • Subsidized post graduate studies
  • Allowance for Unemployment
  • Allowance for Childcare
  • Quality Life
  • Value for Skills
  • Pathway to Australian Citizenship
  • Covers your Family
  • Old age pension Scheme

Want to know your Eligibility?

Provide the information below and we will evaluate your profile for eligibility to immigrate to Australia:

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