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Dream Harbour Global offers professional CV and resume writing and design services in Doha, Qatar, adhering to international standards. We know the importance of a well-crafted CV and cover letter in achieving career goals. A CV, or ‘Curriculum Vitae’ meaning ‘the story of your life,’ and a cover letter are essential parts of your job application.


Our expert services help present your professional story in an engaging way, impressing recruiters and opening doors to new opportunities. A well-written CV can quickly secure interviews, while a poorly written one can lead to rejections.


Whether you’re seeking a job in Qatar, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, or anywhere else, your CV needs to effectively communicate your professional profile according to global standards. At Dream Harbour Global, we help you create a compelling CV and cover letter that market your skills and abilities to potential employers, increasing your chances of success in your job search.

Make Your Choice for the Preferred Resume

Infographic CV

  • Visual Appeal
  • Skills Visualization
  • Concise Information
  • Modern Layout
  • Color Schemes
  • Profile Snapshot
  • Free Cover Letter
  • Starting from QAR 230
  • Delivery in word & pdf
  • Textual CV

  • Professional Formatting
  • Detailed Work Experience
  • Emphasis on Keywords
  • Traditional Sections
  • Customizable Templates
  • Consistency and Clarity
  • Free Cover Letter
  • Staring from QAR 199
  • Delivery in word & pdf
  • Why a high-quality professional CV? Will recruiters read your CV?

    Having a competitive advantage in job searching is crucial. A unique CV that showcases your achievements, career advancement, and strengths can set you apart. Our team of resume designers and strategists will create a CV that uses the right layout and keywords tailored to your job goals and accomplishments.

    No matter if you are new to job searching or have years of work experience, a strong CV is essential to impressing potential employers and securing a job interview. Your CV and Cover Letter are your first impression to prospective employers. If your CV fails to grab their interest, you may miss out on job opportunities.

    At Dream Harbour Global, we are dedicated to helping people succeed in their job search. We ensure your CV is targeted and highlights your skills and experience. The visual appeal, presentation, and cover letter introduction of your CV must attract the attention of the employer to bring you desirable results.

    What we do? How it helps?

    Professional Design

    Tailored Cover Letters

    Keyword Optimization

    Visual Representation

    Global Market Suitability

    Job-Winning CVs

    Why a Cover letter when we have an excellent CV?

    Although not required on all job search portals, a well-written cover letter can give you a competitive advantage in the job market. In Qatar and many other countries, it’s common practice to directly send your CV to potential employers to increase your chances of landing a job. To get noticed, you’ll need a compelling cover letter that showcases your interest and abilities. Your cover letter should present a blend of your skills and experience that makes you an ideal fit for the position.


    Your cover letter can convey your personality and enthusiasm for the job in a way that your CV cannot. The tone and keywords in your cover letter offer insight into your suitability for the job and interest in the position. Crafting a high-quality cover letter is an opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and the value you can add to the employer.

    Roadmap of CV Writing

    Step I – Submit your inquiry using the below form.

    Step II – We'll contact you to further explain the process and how to make payment for CV & CL Writing Services.

    Step III - Make the payment and send your current CV.

    Step IV – Review draft CV Content.

    Step V – Draft Approval.

    Step VI – High Quality Designed CV Ready

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