Professional CV/Resume Writing and Designing Services in Qatar

Dream Harbour Global brings much needed professional services for CV/Resume writing and designing as per international standards, right here in Doha, Qatar. We understand the importance of writing a correct CV and how it greatly contributes to achieving your goals. CV is incomplete without a perfect covering letter attached to it. In today’s time, cover letter and CV are not mere formalities – they are your biggest two opportunities to impress and open doorways for more possibilities. ‘Curriculum vitae’ in Latin means ‘the story of your life’. Recruiters want to know the story of your professional life. So, we must present each story with interesting colors of skilled significance.

When it comes to job searching, your CV is paramount. Make it perfectly, and you’ll have an interview call in no time, but make it wrong, and you may well confront refusal after refusal. Whether you are looking for a job in Qatar, middle east, European country, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asian countries or anywhere else, your CV must communicate for you. Your CV ought to have the capability of highlighting your profile as per general international standards. Your CV is fundamentally a marketing tool that gives you a chance to sell yourself and your talents to the prospective employers.

Why high-quality professional CV? Will recruiters read your CV?

Get a competitive advantage with unique CV that features your achievements, career advancement and strengths. Our resume designers and strategists use the right layout and correct keywords for your job goals and accomplishments. Your CV Must stand out, weather you are fairly new to the job searching or have several years of work experience, your CV impresses employers you contact, and this results in a call for a job interview.

You present yourself to any prospective employer through your CV and Cover Letter. If your CV fails to grab the interest of the recruiter then you may never advance. We help people succeed and make sure of target writing and performance. Your CV’s visual appeal, presentation, outline, and introduction of cover letter must attract the attention of the employer to bring you desirable results.

Why Cover letter when we have an excellent CV?

You may not need to use the Cover letter at various job search portals but having one will always give you a competitive edge. It is most advisable in Qatar and in various other countries to circulate your CV to employers directly for better opportunities. So, you will require to send a cover letter along with CV to get noticed. And, first impressions count! It will require a highly informative and subtle cover letter to showcase your interest and abilities. It will help you in presenting the blend of your skills and experience which will further make your profile seem more suitable for the applied position.

The wording of your cover letter can convey your personality in a way that your CV alone cannot. The tone and keywords in your cover letter will give your prospective employer an insight into your suitability and interest for the job. Cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your keenness about the position and to reveal the value you would add to the employer.

What we do? How it helps?

  • Designing of high quality CV.
  • Relevant Cover Letter Crafting.
  • Writing relevant Job Responsibilities with clarity.
  • Customize content to include useful keywords for profile highlighting.
  • Visual and info graphical demonstration of profile and accomplishments.
  • Strategically designing of CV suitable for Qatar, middle east and many other international job markets.

Our crafted CV and covering letter will give your profile a positive outlook. It will clearly present your strengths and skills that are most relevant to your occupation and job you are applying for. Most importantly, it will be fully competent of demonstrating your potential as a future employee of any organization. Our CVs’ aim at winning a job for our clients.

Roadmap of CV/Resume Writing

  • Step I – Confirm your contact details and upload your raw CV below
  • Step II – Make Payment for CV & CL writing Services
  • Step III – Choose design from the available 30 options.
  • Step III – Review draft CV Content.
  • Step IV – Draft Approval
  • Step V – High Quality Designed CV Ready

Ready to design one for you?

Submit your request for CV/Resume and Cover Letter Writing in Qatar today – we are here to help!

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