Australia Immigration SkillSelect Invitation Round – 11 Apr 2020

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Australia Immigration SkillSelect Invitation Round Update

Invitation rounds for Australia Immigration under Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored visas are run once a month.

11 April 2020 Result

The Department of Home Affairs issued only 100 invitations on 11 April 2020. 50 invitations were issued under Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and 50 invitations were issued under Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored.

Visa subclassInvitations SentCut Off Score
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)5095
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored)5095

The invited candidates will have 60 days to submit their application for Australia Immigration.

Point scores and the dates of effect cut off for the pro rata occupations in the 11 April 2020 invitation round

Due to high levels of demand, and in keeping with previous years, the below occupation groups will be subject to pro rata arrangements to ensure availability of invitations across the program year:

Sub ClassOccupation IDDescriptionMinimum points scoreLatest date of effect
1892211Accountants10025/03/2020  8:33PM
1892212Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers9516/01/2020  6:41PM
1892334Electronics Engineer9520/03/2020  8:36PM
4912334Electronics Engineer9518/03/2020  9:45PM
1892335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers9518/03/2020  10:04PM 
4912335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers10519/11/2019  7:50PM
1892339Other Engineering Professionals9523/03/2020  12:45AM 
4912339Other Engineering Professionals10511/12/2019  5:17PM
1892611ICT Business and System Analysts9513/03/2020  4:10AM
4912611ICT Business and System Analysts1052/04/2020  3:20PM
1892613Software and Applications Programmers9524/03/2020  3:15PM
4912613Software and Applications Programmers9510/04/2020  7:12PM
1892631Computer Network Professionals9521/03/2020  10:25AM 

Invitations issued during 2019-20 program year

Visa subclassSC 189Family SC 491 Family SC 489Total

Note: The above figures do not include invitations issued for State and Territory Government nominated visa sub-classes 190 & 491 (State and Regional Nomination) as State and Territory Governments nominate applicants throughout the year as per their own criteria.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

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