Canada Immigration and Provincial Nomination (PNP) Canada – Explained

In order to qualify for Canada, we need to score minimum 67 points as eligibility criteria. Most of the applicants falling under the eligible occupations will very easily qualify. It does not guarantee the VISA invitation or Provincial nomination. So, don’t sweat on this. Think ABOUT the ACTUAL Selection Criteria.

Federal Direct VISA invitation from Express Entry

Government rank candidates in the express entry pool using a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). They select the highest-ranking candidates from the pool and invite them to apply for permanent residence. The number of people invited for each round decides the draw score. It’s not a Draw based on luck or random selection. It’s purely based on your ranking.

Below is the data of Direct VISA invitations issued by Canada Government in last one year. You can see how high the score is! If you are not close to this score, you may not have good chances at all for Canada immigration.

Date Invitation issuedNumber of InvitationsCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited

Above will give you an idea of where you stand. It is not possible to reach even 400 without at least 8 in Listening, 7 in reading, writing and Speaking of IELTS General test. So, if any one tells you 6 or 6.5, remember they are talking about your eligibility criteria but not about your possibility of getting the VISA invitation.

Provincial Nominations For Canada Immigration through Express Entry

600 points which people seek to increase their overall CRS ranking to get the VISA invitation comes with the help of Provincial nomination. So, is it true that only because your occupation is in the list of provinces occupation demand list, you will be invited by them for the nomination? No, that’s not true because you are not the only one seeking this. There are already numerous applicants like you. If it was true then there won’t be this many number of people waiting to be invited. So, if someone tells you that you will get it through province, check your knowledge. Do not let yourself to be fooled by anyone on the name of Provincial nominations.

See below the total number of people in the pool (Data pulled on March 2020 beginning). This keeps on changing but majorly, it remains like this in general.

CRS Score rangeNumber of candidates

Why are people relying on Provincial Nomination for Canada?

Most of the people make less than 450 CRS ranking. So, this means they have meagre chances of getting the VISA invitation directly. So, they understand or are made understand that they will get through provincial nomination. However, the competition that is there for Provinces is huge. Provinces have choice of selecting people based on their local connection, occupation + CRS ranking, IELTS Proficiency, French ability etc. Follow the government websites to understand this and do not fall prey for unethical marketing techniques.

How to ensure that you do not get misled in the name of Provincial Nominations?

Be smart specially when it comes to Canada immigration. The immigration programs are so vast and not straight forward. So, people can cheat you by hiding details of each province’s selection criteria. Identify how generalizing of one lucky and different case for the benefit of sales by agents can cost you your hard-earned money.

Canada immigration is one of the simplest process. Mostly everything is available for free in government websites. Having a consultant will not make your application process faster. Nothing and No one can influence provinces or Canada government since it’s a point based and selection procedure.

How do Consultants help then?

Consultants will be able to suggest you the right program and the country. You may not have a good profile for one country but may have the best profile for another country. Who will tell you this? Of course, consultant will.

For every form and documents, you do not need to do a lot of research work, consultants do that for you.

You do not have to be cautious while submitting any document or application forms because your consultant will ensure that there isn’t any error.

You may get stuck with some documentation, only consultant will be able to assist you because finding information on alternatives will be very hard.

There are many applicants who apply on their own and do that successfully. If you have time for this, you really do not need to hire any consultant. But if you must, then be sure to hire the one with the best knowledge. Knowledge is the KEY to SUCCESS in this Industry. No matter how big or small, if your consultant has less knowledge and no research team then you hired a liability not a convenience.

In short, above should make you more aware of the misguidance you see around or happening with you, may be. Canada immigration is a tool for earning a lot of money in unethical way for many people. You must be smart before you decide.

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